*									      *
*  INPUT DATA								      *
*  11/08/06 (dkc)							      *
*									      *
*  This table contains a and b such that [(a**p+b**p)/(a+b)] is a fifth       *
*  power.  p is set to 3.						      *
*									      *
unsigned int sumdif=1;
unsigned int insize=28;

unsigned int input[28*2]={
	0x95,	    0x3e,
	0x95,	    0x57,
	0xec,	    0x19,
	0xec,	    0xd3,
       0x293,	    0x74,
       0x293,	   0x21f,
       0x4b2,	   0x1ab,
       0x4b2,	   0x307,
       0x652,	    0x5d,
       0x652,	   0x5f5,
       0xc47,	   0x598,
       0xc47,	   0x6af,
      0x1757,	   0x65a,
      0x1757,	  0x10fd,
      0x226d,	   0x434,
      0x226d,	  0x1e39,
      0x2854,	   0xaa3,
      0x2854,	  0x1db1,
      0x362a,	  0x1489,
      0x362a,	  0x21a1,
      0x40a6,	  0x1a05,
      0x40a6,	  0x26a1,
      0x57cb,	   0xd18,
      0x57cb,	  0x4ab3,
      0x7c6b,	  0x1a77,
      0x7c6b,	  0x61f4,
      0x9112,	   0x321,
      0x9112,	  0x8df1};