*									      *
*  INPUT DATA								      *
*  11/08/06 (dkc)							      *
*									      *
*  This table contains a and b such that [(a**p+b**p)/(a+b)] is a fourth      *
*  power.  p is set to 3.						      *
*									      *
unsigned int sumdif=1;
unsigned int insize=52;

unsigned int input[52*3]={
	0x37,	    0x10,
	0x37,	    0x27,
	0x5e,	    0x17,
	0x5e,	    0x47,
	0xb0,	     0xf,
	0xb0,	    0xa1,
       0x151,	    0x92,
       0x151,	    0xbf,
       0x1a0,	    0xb9,
       0x1a0,	    0xe7,
       0x287,	    0x2e,
       0x287,	   0x259,
       0x450,	   0x1c7,
       0x450,	   0x289,
       0x60f,	   0x1ff,
       0x60f,	   0x410,
       0x6d9,	    0xc2,
       0x6d9,	   0x617,
       0x857,	   0x420,
       0x857,	   0x437,
       0xa1f,	   0x211,
       0xa1f,	   0x80e,
       0xc8e,	    0x17,
       0xc8e,	   0xc77,
      0x1030,	   0x441,
      0x1030,	   0xbef,
      0x1329,	   0x3e9,
      0x1329,	   0xf40,
      0x17df,	   0x97f,
      0x17df,	   0xe60,
      0x1a19,	   0x3e9,
      0x1a19,	  0x1630,
      0x1c1f,	   0x7ae,
      0x1c1f,	  0x1471,
      0x2269,	   0xb57,
      0x2269,	  0x1712,
      0x252f,	    0xe0,
      0x252f,	  0x244f,
      0x263f,	   0x4e1,
      0x263f,	  0x215e,
      0x2f39,	  0x10e9,
      0x2f39,	  0x1e50,
      0x3049,	  0x1247,
      0x3049,	  0x1e02,
      0x3511,	  0x1410,
      0x3511,	  0x2101,
      0x4470,	   0xcd9,
      0x4470,	  0x3797,
      0x497e,	  0x236f,
      0x497e,	  0x260f,
      0x4d89,	   0xd67,
      0x4d89,	  0x4022};