*									      *
*  INPUT DATA								      *
*  11/08/06 (dkc)							      *
*									      *
*  This table contains a and b such that [(a**p+b**p)/(a+b)] is a square.     *
*  p is set to 3.							      *
*									      *
unsigned int sumdif=1;
unsigned int insize=968;

unsigned int input[968*3]={
	 0x8,	     0x3,
	 0x8,	     0x5,
	 0xd,	     0x2,
	 0xd,	     0xb,
	 0xf,	     0x7,
	 0xf,	     0x8,
	0x15,	     0x5,
	0x15,	    0x10,
	0x17,	     0x1,
	0x17,	    0x16,
	0x23,	     0xb,
	0x23,	    0x18,
	0x25,	     0xb,
	0x25,	    0x1a,
	0x28,	     0x7,
	0x28,	    0x21,
	0x30,	     0xd,
	0x30,	    0x23,
	0x3b,	     0xd,
	0x3b,	    0x2e,
	0x41,	     0x9,
	0x41,	    0x38,
	0x49,	    0x1a,
	0x49,	    0x2f,
	0x4d,	    0x20,
	0x4d,	    0x2d,
	0x50,	    0x11,
	0x50,	    0x3f,
	0x53,	    0x16,
	0x53,	    0x3d,
	0x5b,	    0x28,
	0x5b,	    0x33,
	0x70,	    0x37,
	0x70,	    0x39,
	0x75,	    0x28,
	0x75,	    0x4d,
	0x77,	    0x18,
	0x77,	    0x5f,
	0x79,	    0x2f,
	0x79,	    0x4a,
	0x7a,	     0xd,
	0x7a,	    0x6d,
	0x85,	     0xd,
	0x85,	    0x78,
	0x8e,	     0xb,
	0x8e,	    0x83,
	0x8f,	    0x2e,
	0x8f,	    0x61,
	0xa0,	    0x45,
	0xa0,	    0x5b,
	0xa8,	    0x19,
	0xa8,	    0x8f,
	0xa9,	     0x2,
	0xa9,	    0xa7,
	0xab,	    0x38,
	0xab,	    0x73,
	0xbb,	    0x4b,
	0xbb,	    0x70,
	0xc2,	    0x25,
	0xc2,	    0x9d,
	0xcf,	    0x20,
	0xcf,	    0xaf,
	0xd1,	    0x68,
	0xd1,	    0x69,
	0xd6,	    0x47,
	0xd6,	    0x8f,
	0xdd,	    0x38,
	0xdd,	    0xa5,
	0xe0,	    0x1d,
	0xe0,	    0xc3,
	0xfb,	    0x16,
	0xfb,	    0xe5,
	0xfd,	    0x55,
	0xfd,	    0x6b,
	0xfd,	    0x92,
	0xfd,	    0xa8,
	0xff,	    0x1f,
	0xff,	    0xe0,
       0x108,	    0x77,
       0x108,	    0x91,
       0x118,	    0x13,
       0x118,	   0x105,
       0x11e,	    0x3b,
       0x11e,	    0xe3,
       0x12b,	    0x25,
       0x12b,	   0x106,
       0x137,	    0x76,
       0x137,	    0xc1,
       0x138,	    0x5f,
       0x138,	    0xd9,
       0x13a,	     0x1,
       0x13a,	   0x139,
       0x143,	    0x23,
       0x143,	   0x120,
       0x145,	    0x85,
       0x145,	    0xc0,
       0x155,	    0x15,
       0x155,	   0x140,
       0x160,	    0x69,
       0x160,	    0xf7,
       0x179,	    0x69,
       0x179,	   0x110,
       0x17e,	    0x8f,
       0x17e,	    0xef,
       0x182,	    0x6d,
       0x182,	   0x115,
       0x187,	    0x6f,
       0x187,	   0x118,
       0x193,	    0x58,
       0x193,	   0x13b,
       0x198,	    0x17,
       0x198,	   0x181,
       0x199,	    0x1a,
       0x199,	   0x17f,
       0x1a3,	    0xa6,
       0x1a3,	    0xfd,
       0x1a5,	    0x53,
       0x1a5,	   0x152,
       0x1a9,	    0x98,
       0x1a9,	   0x111,
       0x1b3,	    0xb0,
       0x1b3,	   0x103,
       0x1b8,	    0x29,
       0x1b8,	   0x18f,
       0x1c7,	    0x30,
       0x1c7,	   0x197,
       0x1d1,	    0xa1,
       0x1d1,	   0x130,
       0x1df,	    0xc1,
       0x1df,	   0x11e,
       0x1e3,	    0x2b,
       0x1e3,	   0x1b8,
       0x1f8,	    0xcd,
       0x1f8,	   0x12b,
       0x205,	    0x3b,
       0x205,	   0x1ca,
       0x20d,	    0x58,
       0x20d,	   0x1b5,
       0x20f,	    0xf0,
       0x20f,	   0x11f,
       0x211,	    0x7a,
       0x211,	   0x197,
       0x21d,	    0xf2,
       0x21d,	   0x12b,
       0x230,	    0x1b,
       0x230,	   0x215,
       0x240,	   0x113,
       0x240,	   0x12d,
       0x253,	    0xd0,
       0x253,	   0x183,
       0x257,	    0x8e,
       0x257,	   0x1c9,
       0x261,	    0xb8,
       0x261,	   0x1a9,
       0x263,	    0xfd,
       0x263,	   0x166,
       0x270,	    0x31,
       0x270,	   0x23f,
       0x285,	    0x1d,
       0x285,	   0x268,
       0x289,	    0xa7,
       0x289,	   0x1e2,
       0x28b,	    0xeb,
       0x28b,	   0x1a0,
       0x295,	   0x12b,
       0x295,	   0x16a,
       0x299,	   0x129,
       0x299,	   0x170,
       0x29b,	    0x93,
       0x29b,	   0x208,
       0x29f,	    0xa9,
       0x29f,	   0x1f6,
       0x2b6,	    0x53,
       0x2b6,	   0x263,
       0x2ba,	    0x79,
       0x2ba,	   0x241,
       0x2bf,	   0x118,
       0x2bf,	   0x1a7,
       0x2c0,	    0xf5,
       0x2c0,	   0x1cb,
       0x2ce,	    0xe3,
       0x2ce,	   0x1eb,
       0x2d0,	    0xcb,
       0x2d0,	   0x205,
       0x2f8,	   0x13f,
       0x2f8,	   0x1b9,
       0x301,	    0x8f,
       0x301,	   0x272,
       0x307,	    0x9f,
       0x307,	   0x268,
       0x309,	   0x179,
       0x309,	   0x190,
       0x30b,	    0xf0,
       0x30b,	   0x21b,
       0x30f,	    0x37,
       0x30f,	   0x2d8,
       0x318,	    0x9b,
       0x318,	   0x27d,
       0x319,	   0x16a,
       0x319,	   0x1af,
       0x31f,	    0x40,
       0x31f,	   0x2df,
       0x323,	    0x5e,
       0x323,	   0x2c5,
       0x32e,	    0x2f,
       0x32e,	   0x2ff,
       0x331,	    0xd9,
       0x331,	   0x258,
       0x345,	    0x70,
       0x345,	   0x2d5,
       0x347,	   0x166,
       0x347,	   0x1e1,
       0x353,	   0x173,
       0x353,	   0x1e0,
       0x35d,	   0x155,
       0x35d,	   0x208,
       0x35e,	   0x167,
       0x35e,	   0x1f7,
       0x36d,	    0x1a,
       0x36d,	   0x353,
       0x37d,	    0xa5,
       0x37d,	   0x2d8,
       0x398,	    0xe7,
       0x398,	   0x2b1,
       0x39b,	   0x18d,
       0x39b,	   0x20e,
       0x39d,	   0x150,
       0x39d,	   0x24d,
       0x3a8,	    0x23,
       0x3a8,	   0x385,
       0x3b1,	    0xe8,
       0x3b1,	   0x2c9,
       0x3b8,	    0xb1,
       0x3b8,	   0x307,
       0x3c2,	   0x15d,
       0x3c2,	   0x265,
       0x3d6,	    0xb3,
       0x3d6,	   0x323,
       0x3db,	   0x110,
       0x3db,	   0x2cb,
       0x3dd,	   0x1ad,
       0x3dd,	   0x230,
       0x3f7,	    0xb7,
       0x3f7,	   0x340,
       0x409,	    0x47,
       0x409,	   0x3c2,
       0x40a,	    0xf1,
       0x40a,	   0x319,
       0x410,	   0x19d,
       0x410,	   0x273,
       0x42b,	    0xb5,
       0x42b,	   0x376,
       0x445,	   0x1fa,
       0x445,	   0x24b,
       0x453,	   0x1ab,
       0x453,	   0x2a8,
       0x459,	    0xb9,
       0x459,	   0x3a0,
       0x466,	    0x8f,
       0x466,	   0x3d7,
       0x467,	   0x168,
       0x467,	   0x2ff,
       0x478,	   0x103,
       0x478,	   0x225,
       0x478,	   0x253,
       0x478,	   0x375,
       0x47b,	    0xc3,
       0x47b,	   0x3b8,
       0x483,	    0x43,
       0x483,	    0x98,
       0x483,	   0x3eb,
       0x483,	   0x440,
       0x489,	   0x1f0,
       0x489,	   0x299,
       0x48b,	    0xd6,
       0x48b,	   0x3b5,
       0x497,	   0x1f8,
       0x497,	   0x29f,
       0x499,	    0x17,
       0x499,	   0x482,
       0x4a3,	   0x175,
       0x4a3,	   0x32e,
       0x4a5,	   0x180,
       0x4a5,	   0x325,
       0x4af,	   0x20e,
       0x4af,	   0x2a1,
       0x4b1,	    0x7a,
       0x4b1,	   0x437,
       0x4c0,	    0xc9,
       0x4c0,	   0x3f7,
       0x4c9,	   0x1e1,
       0x4c9,	   0x2e8,
       0x4d5,	   0x13a,
       0x4d5,	   0x39b,
       0x4d7,	    0x50,
       0x4d7,	   0x487,
       0x4df,	   0x1c7,
       0x4df,	   0x318,
       0x4ed,	   0x24b,
       0x4ed,	   0x2a2,
       0x4f1,	   0x111,
       0x4f1,	   0x3e0,
       0x508,	   0x249,
       0x508,	   0x2bf,
       0x526,	   0x12b,
       0x526,	   0x3fb,
       0x52d,	   0x1ad,
       0x52d,	   0x380,
       0x533,	    0x6d,
       0x533,	   0x4c6,
       0x549,	   0x118,
       0x549,	   0x431,
       0x565,	    0xb3,
       0x565,	   0x4b2,
       0x56f,	   0x1c9,
       0x56f,	   0x3a6,
       0x578,	   0x297,
       0x578,	   0x2e1,
       0x57b,	    0xa8,
       0x57b,	   0x4d3,
       0x589,	   0x17f,
       0x589,	   0x40a,
       0x58b,	   0x163,
       0x58b,	   0x428,
       0x58d,	   0x2a8,
       0x58d,	   0x2e5,
       0x595,	   0x1e2,
       0x595,	   0x3b3,
       0x597,	   0x230,
       0x597,	   0x367,
       0x5b0,	   0x1c3,
       0x5b0,	   0x3ed,
       0x5c0,	   0x1f1,
       0x5c0,	   0x3cf,
       0x5cd,	   0x215,
       0x5cd,	   0x3b8,
       0x5d7,	    0x58,
       0x5d7,	   0x57f,
       0x5e1,	   0x128,
       0x5e1,	   0x4b9,
       0x5e7,	   0x2a1,
       0x5e7,	   0x346,
       0x5ea,	    0xfd,
       0x5ea,	   0x4ed,
       0x5ed,	    0x98,
       0x5ed,	   0x555,
       0x5ef,	   0x27f,
       0x5ef,	   0x370,
       0x5f0,	    0x4d,
       0x5f0,	   0x5a3,
       0x5f5,	   0x12d,
       0x5f5,	   0x4c8,
       0x5fe,	   0x29f,
       0x5fe,	   0x35f,
       0x60d,	    0x83,
       0x60d,	   0x58a,
       0x61a,	   0x265,
       0x61a,	   0x3b5,
       0x637,	    0xe7,
       0x637,	   0x550,
       0x649,	   0x1ca,
       0x649,	   0x47f,
       0x655,	   0x233,
       0x655,	   0x422,
       0x658,	   0x22f,
       0x658,	   0x429,
       0x66b,	   0x323,
       0x66b,	   0x348,
       0x66d,	   0x1c8,
       0x66d,	   0x4a5,
       0x67a,	   0x1e1,
       0x67a,	   0x499,
       0x680,	   0x13b,
       0x680,	   0x545,
       0x683,	    0xd6,
       0x683,	   0x5ad,
       0x688,	    0xed,
       0x688,	   0x59b,
       0x690,	    0x2f,
       0x690,	   0x2db,
       0x690,	   0x3b5,
       0x690,	   0x661,
       0x6a6,	   0x1bb,
       0x6a6,	   0x4eb,
       0x6bf,	   0x256,
       0x6bf,	   0x469,
       0x6c8,	   0x1ef,
       0x6c8,	   0x4d9,
       0x6cb,	    0x2e,
       0x6cb,	   0x18b,
       0x6cb,	   0x540,
       0x6cb,	   0x69d,
       0x6e3,	    0x53,
       0x6e3,	   0x690,
       0x6e8,	    0xeb,
       0x6e8,	   0x2b5,
       0x6e8,	   0x433,
       0x6e8,	   0x5fd,
       0x6fb,	    0xfd,
       0x6fb,	   0x5fe,
       0x708,	   0x229,
       0x708,	   0x4df,
       0x711,	   0x149,
       0x711,	   0x5c8,
       0x715,	   0x1e0,
       0x715,	   0x535,
       0x721,	    0x31,
       0x721,	   0x6f0,
       0x722,	    0xa9,
       0x722,	   0x679,
       0x729,	   0x148,
       0x729,	   0x5e1,
       0x72d,	   0x362,
       0x72d,	   0x3cb,
       0x736,	    0xa7,
       0x736,	   0x68f,
       0x737,	   0x289,
       0x737,	   0x4ae,
       0x73f,	   0x2c7,
       0x73f,	   0x478,
       0x740,	   0x357,
       0x740,	   0x3e9,
       0x766,	   0x197,
       0x766,	   0x5cf,
       0x777,	   0x19f,
       0x777,	   0x5d8,
       0x780,	   0x263,
       0x780,	   0x51d,
       0x797,	   0x1e0,
       0x797,	   0x5b7,
       0x7b1,	   0x107,
       0x7b1,	   0x6aa,
       0x7b3,	    0xc8,
       0x7b3,	   0x6eb,
       0x7b8,	    0x33,
       0x7b8,	   0x245,
       0x7b8,	   0x573,
       0x7b8,	   0x785,
       0x7c7,	    0x76,
       0x7c7,	   0x751,
       0x7ca,	   0x1a5,
       0x7ca,	   0x625,
       0x7d9,	   0x158,
       0x7d9,	   0x681,
       0x7dd,	   0x37d,
       0x7dd,	   0x460,
       0x7df,	   0x2a0,
       0x7df,	   0x53f,
       0x7ed,	   0x272,
       0x7ed,	   0x57b,
       0x7f3,	   0x2eb,
       0x7f3,	   0x508,
       0x7f7,	   0x151,
       0x7f7,	   0x6a6,
       0x7f8,	   0x21b,
       0x7f8,	   0x5dd,
       0x7f9,	   0x2e7,
       0x7f9,	   0x512,
       0x811,	   0x3d8,
       0x811,	   0x439,
       0x81f,	    0x68,
       0x81f,	   0x7b7,
       0x833,	   0x2f5,
       0x833,	   0x53e,
       0x83b,	   0x10b,
       0x83b,	   0x730,
       0x850,	   0x2fd,
       0x850,	   0x553,
       0x859,	    0x4a,
       0x859,	   0x80f,
       0x861,	   0x341,
       0x861,	   0x520,
       0x86e,	   0x353,
       0x86e,	   0x51b,
       0x872,	    0x3d,
       0x872,	   0x835,
       0x888,	   0x1bd,
       0x888,	   0x6cb,
       0x8ad,	   0x1d3,
       0x8ad,	   0x6da,
       0x8b7,	   0x32e,
       0x8b7,	   0x589,
       0x8b8,	   0x451,
       0x8b8,	   0x467,
       0x8b9,	   0x109,
       0x8b9,	   0x7b0,
       0x8c0,	   0x297,
       0x8c0,	   0x629,
       0x8c3,	   0x3fd,
       0x8c3,	   0x4c6,
       0x8cf,	   0x26f,
       0x8cf,	   0x660,
       0x8d1,	   0x2cf,
       0x8d1,	   0x602,
       0x8d7,	   0x208,
       0x8d7,	   0x6cf,
       0x8e7,	   0x1c7,
       0x8e7,	   0x720,
       0x8f8,	    0x37,
       0x8f8,	   0x8c1,
       0x8fd,	   0x370,
       0x8fd,	   0x58d,
       0x8fe,	   0x137,
       0x8fe,	   0x7c7,
       0x93d,	   0x228,
       0x93d,	   0x715,
       0x940,	   0x247,
       0x940,	   0x6f9,
       0x951,	   0x178,
       0x951,	   0x7d9,
       0x953,	   0x1b0,
       0x953,	   0x7a3,
       0x95e,	   0x437,
       0x95e,	   0x527,
       0x95f,	    0xf1,
       0x95f,	   0x86e,
       0x965,	   0x495,
       0x965,	   0x4d0,
       0x973,	   0x333,
       0x973,	   0x640,
       0x97a,	   0x319,
       0x97a,	   0x661,
       0x985,	   0x1a3,
       0x985,	   0x7e2,
       0x98f,	   0x1de,
       0x98f,	   0x7b1,
       0x991,	   0x181,
       0x991,	   0x810,
       0x99d,	   0x22a,
       0x99d,	   0x773,
       0x9a1,	    0x39,
       0x9a1,	   0x968,
       0x9b0,	   0x3e9,
       0x9b0,	   0x5c7,
       0x9b3,	    0x25,
       0x9b3,	   0x2c5,
       0x9b3,	   0x6ee,
       0x9b3,	   0x98e,
       0x9b5,	   0x385,
       0x9b5,	   0x630,
       0x9f8,	   0x299,
       0x9f8,	   0x75f,
       0x9fb,	   0x360,
       0x9fb,	   0x69b,
       0xa10,	   0x1e5,
       0xa10,	   0x82b,
       0xa18,	   0x2cb,
       0xa18,	   0x4c3,
       0xa18,	   0x555,
       0xa18,	   0x74d,
       0xa25,	    0xc8,
       0xa25,	   0x95d,
       0xa28,	    0x65,
       0xa28,	   0x9c3,
       0xa2f,	   0x230,
       0xa2f,	   0x7ff,
       0xa43,	   0x438,
       0xa43,	   0x60b,
       0xa45,	    0xda,
       0xa45,	   0x96b,
       0xa4e,	   0x42b,
       0xa4e,	   0x623,
       0xa5f,	   0x2a7,
       0xa5f,	   0x7b8,
       0xa68,	   0x3a7,
       0xa68,	   0x6c1,
       0xa80,	   0x415,
       0xa80,	   0x66b,
       0xa81,	   0x1fa,
       0xa81,	   0x887,
       0xa87,	   0x12f,
       0xa87,	   0x958,
       0xa9a,	   0x391,
       0xa9a,	   0x709,
       0xaa0,	   0x273,
       0xaa0,	   0x82d,
       0xab3,	   0x1d0,
       0xab3,	   0x8e3,
       0xabb,	   0x4d3,
       0xabb,	   0x5e8,
       0xabd,	   0x39b,
       0xabd,	   0x722,
       0xac0,	   0x127,
       0xac0,	   0x999,
       0xaf0,	   0x135,
       0xaf0,	   0x9bb,
       0xaf5,	    0xd0,
       0xaf5,	   0xa25,
       0xb05,	    0x3d,
       0xb05,	   0xac8,
       0xb12,	   0x2dd,
       0xb12,	   0x835,
       0xb1b,	   0x17e,
       0xb1b,	   0x99d,
       0xb1f,	   0x4d0,
       0xb1f,	   0x64f,
       0xb29,	    0x92,
       0xb29,	   0xa97,
       0xb42,	   0x4bd,
       0xb42,	   0x685,
       0xb4b,	   0x203,
       0xb4b,	   0x948,
       0xb56,	   0x527,
       0xb56,	   0x62f,
       0xb5f,	   0x5af,
       0xb5f,	   0x5b0,
       0xb79,	   0x131,
       0xb79,	   0xa48,
       0xb87,	   0x469,
       0xb87,	   0x71e,
       0xb93,	   0x556,
       0xb93,	   0x63d,
       0xba0,	   0x2d1,
       0xba0,	   0x8cf,
       0xba1,	   0x2ea,
       0xba1,	   0x8b7,
       0xbad,	   0x270,
       0xbad,	   0x93d,
       0xbb0,	   0x1ab,
       0xbb0,	   0xa05,
       0xbb1,	   0x591,
       0xbb1,	   0x620,
       0xbb7,	   0x1b1,
       0xbb7,	   0xa06,
       0xbbb,	    0xf8,
       0xbbb,	   0xac3,
       0xbc5,	   0x40a,
       0xbc5,	   0x7bb,
       0xbd0,	    0x6d,
       0xbd0,	   0xb63,
       0xbe0,	   0x3eb,
       0xbe0,	   0x7f5,
       0xbe7,	   0x2b6,
       0xbe7,	   0x931,
       0xbed,	   0x578,
       0xbed,	   0x675,
       0xbef,	   0x39f,
       0xbef,	   0x850,
       0xbff,	   0x348,
       0xbff,	   0x8b7,
       0xc08,	   0x521,
       0xc08,	   0x6e7,
       0xc0b,	   0x3b5,
       0xc0b,	   0x856,
       0xc23,	   0x4ae,
       0xc23,	   0x775,
       0xc3d,	    0xe3,
       0xc3d,	   0xb5a,
       0xc43,	   0x5eb,
       0xc43,	   0x658,
       0xc49,	   0x319,
       0xc49,	   0x930,
       0xc4a,	    0x61,
       0xc4a,	   0x355,
       0xc4a,	   0x8f5,
       0xc4a,	   0xbe9,
       0xc71,	   0x350,
       0xc71,	   0x921,
       0xc78,	   0x5c3,
       0xc78,	   0x6b5,
       0xc81,	    0x41,
       0xc81,	   0xc40,
       0xc9d,	   0x2ba,
       0xc9d,	   0x9e3,
       0xca1,	   0x1b8,
       0xca1,	   0xae9,
       0xcd5,	   0x5b0,
       0xcd5,	   0x725,
       0xcd9,	   0x47f,
       0xcd9,	   0x85a,
       0xce5,	   0x512,
       0xce5,	   0x7d3,
       0xcf1,	   0x632,
       0xcf1,	   0x6bf,
       0xcfb,	   0x21d,
       0xcfb,	   0xade,
       0xd09,	   0x4f8,
       0xd09,	   0x811,
       0xd0a,	   0x499,
       0xd0a,	   0x871,
       0xd10,	   0x333,
       0xd10,	   0x9dd,
       0xd1e,	   0x29f,
       0xd1e,	   0xa7f,
       0xd1f,	    0x16,
       0xd1f,	   0xd09,
       0xd20,	   0x499,
       0xd20,	   0x887,
       0xd23,	    0x73,
       0xd23,	   0xcb0,
       0xd2b,	   0x32e,
       0xd2b,	   0x9fd,
       0xd38,	   0x1c7,
       0xd38,	   0xb71,
       0xd43,	   0x108,
       0xd43,	   0xc3b,
       0xd4e,	   0x3d7,
       0xd4e,	   0x977,
       0xd4f,	   0x439,
       0xd4f,	   0x916,
       0xd70,	   0x42f,
       0xd70,	   0x941,
       0xd73,	   0x63d,
       0xd73,	   0x736,
       0xd75,	   0x2a0,
       0xd75,	   0xad5,
       0xd81,	   0x1df,
       0xd81,	   0xba2,
       0xd89,	   0x6a0,
       0xd89,	   0x6e9,
       0xd8f,	   0x380,
       0xd8f,	   0xa0f,
       0xd90,	   0x159,
       0xd90,	   0xc37,
       0xd97,	   0x4af,
       0xd97,	   0x8e8,
       0xd9d,	   0x4ad,
       0xd9d,	   0x8f0,
       0xda3,	   0x256,
       0xda3,	   0xb4d,
       0xdc8,	   0x14f,
       0xdc8,	   0xc79,
       0xdcf,	    0x88,
       0xdcf,	   0xd47,
       0xdd5,	   0x3c2,
       0xdd5,	   0xa13,
       0xddf,	   0x317,
       0xddf,	   0xac8,
       0xde3,	   0x6c8,
       0xde3,	   0x71b,
       0xdf1,	   0x5a9,
       0xdf1,	   0x848,
       0xe0f,	    0x77,
       0xe0f,	   0xd98,
       0xe11,	   0x6bf,
       0xe11,	   0x752,
       0xe15,	    0x45,
       0xe15,	   0xdd0,
       0xe35,	    0x3b,
       0xe35,	   0xdfa,
       0xe38,	   0x3f9,
       0xe38,	   0xa3f,
       0xe58,	   0x325,
       0xe58,	   0xb33,
       0xe5a,	   0x529,
       0xe5a,	   0x931,
       0xe60,	   0x723,
       0xe60,	   0x73d,
       0xe65,	   0x2b8,
       0xe65,	   0xbad,
       0xe70,	   0x4d3,
       0xe70,	   0x99d,
       0xe80,	   0x165,
       0xe80,	   0xd1b,
       0xe81,	   0x6e0,
       0xe81,	   0x7a1,
       0xe8a,	   0x21d,
       0xe8a,	   0xc6d,
       0xe93,	   0x420,
       0xe93,	   0xa73,
       0xe9e,	   0x623,
       0xe9e,	   0x87b,
       0xec8,	   0x5d7,
       0xec8,	   0x8f1,
       0xed8,	   0x1e3,
       0xed8,	   0x5bd,
       0xed8,	   0x91b,
       0xed8,	   0xcf5,
       0xee9,	   0x392,
       0xee9,	   0xb57,
       0xeeb,	   0x253,
       0xeeb,	   0xc98,
       0xf1f,	   0x69f,
       0xf1f,	   0x880,
       0xf2f,	   0x3f1,
       0xf2f,	   0xb3e,
       0xf37,	   0x3b8,
       0xf37,	   0xb7f,
       0xf3d,	   0x752,
       0xf3d,	   0x7eb,
       0xf41,	   0x3b0,
       0xf41,	   0xb91,
       0xf49,	   0x4f9,
       0xf49,	   0xa50,
       0xf53,	   0x50e,
       0xf53,	   0xa45,
       0xf57,	   0x5d7,
       0xf57,	   0x980,
       0xf63,	   0x230,
       0xf63,	   0xd33,
       0xf6b,	   0x625,
       0xf6b,	   0x946,
       0xf6d,	    0x92,
       0xf6d,	   0xedb,
       0xf71,	   0x1e8,
       0xf71,	   0xd89,
       0xf77,	    0x90,
       0xf77,	   0x1de,
       0xf77,	   0xd99,
       0xf77,	   0xee7,
       0xf7d,	    0xf8,
       0xf7d,	   0xe85,
       0xf80,	    0x7d,
       0xf80,	   0xf03,
       0xf89,	   0x381,
       0xf89,	   0xc08,
       0xf9b,	   0x738,
       0xf9b,	   0x863,
       0xfa5,	   0x605,
       0xfa5,	   0x9a0,
       0xfa6,	   0x4c7,
       0xfa6,	   0xadf,
       0xfb1,	   0x1f1,
       0xfb1,	   0xdc0,
       0xfb3,	   0x30d,
       0xfb3,	   0xca6,
       0xfbd,	   0x658,
       0xfbd,	   0x965,
       0xfcf,	   0x34f,
       0xfcf,	   0xc80,
       0xfd6,	   0x74f,
       0xfd6,	   0x887,
       0xfe5,	   0x2ab,
       0xfe5,	   0xd3a,
       0xff5,	   0x495,
       0xff5,	   0xb60,
      0x1007,	   0x559,
      0x1007,	   0xaae,
      0x1008,	   0x51d,
      0x1008,	   0xaeb,
      0x1039,	   0x4b2,
      0x1039,	   0xb87,
      0x1041,	   0x3d0,
      0x1041,	   0xc71,
      0x1045,	   0x81d,
      0x1045,	   0x828,
      0x104b,	   0x460,
      0x104b,	   0xbeb,
      0x104d,	   0x16d,
      0x104d,	   0xee0,
      0x104e,	   0x1d3,
      0x104e,	   0xe7b,
      0x1052,	   0x4ed,
      0x1052,	   0xb65,
      0x1057,	   0x6e8,
      0x1057,	   0x96f,
      0x1068,	   0x39b,
      0x1068,	   0xccd,
      0x1069,	   0x6a7,
      0x1069,	   0x9c2,
      0x107d,	   0x100,
      0x107d,	   0xf7d,
      0x1089,	   0x760,
      0x1089,	   0x929,
      0x1096,	   0x33b,
      0x1096,	   0xd5b,
      0x109b,	   0x128,
      0x109b,	   0xf73,
      0x10a0,	    0x4b,
      0x10a0,	  0x1055,
      0x10a3,	   0x115,
      0x10a3,	   0xf8e,
      0x10a8,	   0x6f9,
      0x10a8,	   0x9af,
      0x10b5,	   0x6bd,
      0x10b5,	   0x9f8,
      0x10d3,	   0x36b,
      0x10d3,	   0xd68,
      0x10d8,	   0x4b7,
      0x10d8,	   0xc21,
      0x10eb,	   0x256,
      0x10eb,	   0x27b,
      0x10eb,	   0xe70,
      0x10eb,	   0xe95,
      0x10f6,	   0x5f3,
      0x10f6,	   0xb03,
      0x110f,	     0x1,
      0x110f,	  0x110e,
      0x1110,	   0x323,
      0x1110,	   0xded,
      0x1125,	   0x4d8,
      0x1125,	   0xc4d,
      0x1129,	   0x31a,
      0x1129,	   0xe0f,
      0x112a,	   0x661,
      0x112a,	   0xac9,
      0x1138,	   0x465,
      0x1138,	   0xcd3,
      0x1157,	   0x4c6,
      0x1157,	   0xc91,
      0x1165,	   0x482,
      0x1165,	   0xce3,
      0x116e,	   0x17f,
      0x116e,	   0xfef,
      0x1175,	   0x20d,
      0x1175,	   0xf68,
      0x1178,	   0x809,
      0x1178,	   0x96f,
      0x1180,	   0x189,
      0x1180,	   0xff7,
      0x1185,	    0x4d,
      0x1185,	  0x1138,
      0x1188,	    0x85,
      0x1188,	  0x1103,
      0x11a1,	   0x68f,
      0x11a1,	   0xb12,
      0x11b9,	   0x88a,
      0x11b9,	   0x92f,
      0x11bb,	   0x8c0,
      0x11bb,	   0x8fb,
      0x11bf,	   0x477,
      0x11bf,	   0xd48,
      0x11d1,	    0x8f,
      0x11d1,	  0x1142,
      0x1217,	   0x511,
      0x1217,	   0xd06,
      0x1221,	   0x899,
      0x1221,	   0x988,
      0x122e,	   0x5cf,
      0x122e,	   0xc5f,
      0x122f,	   0x750,
      0x122f,	   0xadf,
      0x1238,	   0x3cf,
      0x1238,	   0xe69,
      0x123b,	   0x646,
      0x123b,	   0xbf5,
      0x124f,	   0x2f8,
      0x124f,	   0xf57,
      0x1259,	   0x410,
      0x1259,	   0xe49,
      0x1260,	   0x68f,
      0x1260,	   0xbd1,
      0x1262,	    0xfd,
      0x1262,	  0x1165,
      0x1268,	   0x395,
      0x1268,	   0xed3,
      0x126b,	   0x138,
      0x126b,	  0x1133,
      0x127b,	   0x673,
      0x127b,	   0xc08,
      0x1280,	   0x299,
      0x1280,	   0xfe7,
      0x1291,	   0x721,
      0x1291,	   0xb70,
      0x129b,	    0x6d,
      0x129b,	  0x122e,
      0x12cd,	   0x5ba,
      0x12cd,	   0xd13,
      0x12d0,	   0x771,
      0x12d0,	   0xb5f,
      0x12d7,	   0x947,
      0x12d7,	   0x990,
      0x12ed,	   0x700,
      0x12ed,	   0xbed,
      0x12ef,	   0x1c6,
      0x12ef,	  0x1129,
      0x1309,	   0x92f,
      0x1309,	   0x9da,
      0x130f,	    0xa0,
      0x130f,	  0x126f,
      0x1323,	    0x8b,
      0x1323,	  0x1298,
      0x132d,	    0xf2,
      0x132d,	  0x123b,
      0x1360,	   0x4ad,
      0x1360,	   0xeb3,
      0x1382,	   0x895,
      0x1382,	   0xaed};